List of Tables

  1. Summary, First Point Scaling and Phase Correction
  2. The dispersion models.
  3. The parameters of relaxation dispersion.
  4. Model nesting for the relaxation dispersion auto-analysis.
  5. Dispersion software comparison.
  6. The pseudo-ellipse axis and half-angle permutations.
  7. Frame order parameter nesting.
  8. Boolean operators and their effects on selections
  9. OpenDx mapping types.
  10. Model-free parameters.
  11. N-state model parameters.
  12. Relaxation dispersion parameters.
  13. Frame order parameters.
  14. The frame order axis permutations.
  15. Relaxation curve fitting parameters and minimisation statistics.
  16. Steady-state NOE parameters.
  17. Model-free parameters and minimisation statistics.
  18. Reduced spectral density mapping parameters.
  19. Consistency testing parameters.
  20. Relaxation dispersion parameters and minimisation statistics.
  21. Minimisation algorithms - unconstrained line search methods.
  22. Minimisation algorithms - unconstrained trust-region methods.
  23. Minimisation algorithms - unconstrained conjugate gradient methods.
  24. Minimisation algorithms - miscellaneous unconstrained methods.
  25. Minimisation algorithms - global minimisation methods.
  26. Minimisation sub-algorithms - line search algorithms.
  27. Minimisation sub-algorithms - Hessian modifications.
  28. Minimisation sub-algorithms - Hessian type.
  29. The model-free classic style for PyMOL and Molmol data mapping.
  30. Molmol colour names and corresponding RGB colour values (from 0 to 1)
  31. X11 colour names and corresponding RGB colour values
  32. The six peak intensity error analysis types.
  33. Diffusion tensor PDB scaling.
  34. Relaxation curve fitting parameters.
  35. Model-free parameters.
  36. Reduced spectral density mapping parameters.
  37. Consistency testing parameters.
  38. N-state model parameters.
  39. Relaxation dispersion parameters.
  40. Relaxation curve fitting parameters.
  41. Model-free parameters.
  42. The value and parameter combinations for the value.set user function.
  43. Relaxation curve fitting parameter value setting.
  44. Model-free parameter value setting.
  45. Reduced spectral density mapping parameter value setting.
  46. Consistency testing parameter value setting.
  47. N-state model parameter value setting.
  48. Relaxation dispersion parameter value setting.


The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.