Repository forks

A simpler process than submitting patches is to push your development branch to a fork of the relax repository. You can then send an email to the relax development mailing list (see Section 3.3.3 on page [*]) describing and naming the branch and providing a web accessible URL to the git repository.

Web interface fork creation

The simplest way to create a relax fork is to use the web interface for the relax repository at SourceForge or one of the mirrors:

Simply click on the `fork' button or link and follow the instructions (Bitbucket requires a click on the plus symbol to see the fork link). This requires user registration at one of these sites (see Section 13.1.3 on page [*]).

Once the repository is forked, you can clone that repository, create a versioned development branch, and push the branch. Or if you have a preexisting cloned relax repository you have worked on, set the fork as a remote and push the development branch to the new remote.

Pushing to an empty git repository

Alternatively, you can push your already cloned repository to a new git repository anywhere you wish. For example if you have your own server and create an empty bare repository accessible from, in the local clone type

$ git remote add my_remote
$ git push -all my_remote
$ git push -tags my_remote

This will push all branches and tags to the empty repository.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.