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Execute an OpenDX program.


dx.execute(file_prefix=`map', dir=`dx', dx_exe=`dx', vp_exec=True)

Keyword arguments

file_prefix: The file name prefix. For example if file is set to `temp', then the OpenDX program will be loaded.

dir: The directory to change to for running OpenDX. If this is set to None, OpenDX will be run in the current directory.

dx_exe: The OpenDX executable file.

vp_exec: A flag specifying whether to execute the visual program automatically at start-up. The default of True causes the program to be executed.


This will execute OpenDX to display the space maps created previously by the δ user function. This will work for any type of OpenDX map.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.