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Copy PCS data from one data pipe to another.


pcs.copy(pipe_from=None, pipe_to=None, align_id=None, back_calc=True)

Keyword arguments

pipe_from: The name of the pipe to copy the PCS data from.

pipe_to: The name of the pipe to copy the PCS data to.

align_id: The alignment ID string.

back_calc: A flag which if True will cause any back-calculated PCSs present to also be copied with the real values and errors.


This function will copy PCS data from `pipe_from' to `pipe_to'. If align_id is not given then all PCS data will be copied, otherwise only a specific data set will be.

Prompt examples

To copy all PCS data from pipe `m1' to pipe `m9', type one of:

relax> pcs.copy('m1', 'm9')

relax> pcs.copy(pipe_from='m1', pipe_to='m9')

relax> pcs.copy('m1', 'm9', None)

relax> pcs.copy(pipe_from='m1', pipe_to='m9', align_id=None)

To copy only the `Th' PCS data from `m3' to `m6', type one of:

relax> pcs.copy('m3', 'm6', 'Th')

relax> pcs.copy(pipe_from='m3', pipe_to='m6', align_id='Th')

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.