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Read R2eff/R1rho values and errors for a single spin from a file.


relax_disp.r2eff_read_spin(id=None, spin_id=None, file=None, dir=None, disp_point_col=None, offset_col=None, data_col=2, error_col=3, sep=None)

Keyword arguments

id: The experiment ID string to identify this data with.

spin_id: The spin identification string.

file: The name of the file.

dir: The directory name.

disp_point_col: The column containing the CPMG frequency or spin-lock field strength (Hz).

offset_col: The column containing the offset information for R1rho-type data.

data_col: The column containing the R2eff or R1rho data.

error_col: The column containing the R2eff or R1rho error.

sep: The column separator (the default is white space).


This will read R2eff/R1rho data for a single spin directly from a file. The data will be associated with an experiment ID string. This ID can be used for setting the type of dispersion experiment the data is from, spectrometer proton frequency of the data, and the time of the relaxation period.

The format of this text file must be that each row corresponds to a dispersion point (i.e. per CPMG frequency nu_CPMG or per spin-lock field strength nu1) and that there is one file per unique spin system. The file must be in columnar format. For R1rho data, the dispersion point column can be substituted for the offset values in Hertz.

The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.