relax development

This chapter is for developers or those who would like to extend the functionality of relax. It is not required for using relax. If you would like to make modifications to the relax source code please subscribe to all the relax mailing lists (see section 3.3 on page [*]). Announcements are sent to “nmr-relax-announce at” whereas “nmr-relax-users at” is the list where discussions about the usage of relax should be posted. “nmr-relax-devel at” is where all discussions about the development of relax including feature requests, program design, or any other discussions relating to relax's structure or code should be posted. Finally, “nmr-relax-commits at” is where all changes to relax's code and documentation, as well as changes to the web pages, are automatically sent to. Anyone interested in joining the project should subscribe to all four lists.


The relax user manual (PDF), created 2020-08-26.